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Pay for purchases with points and save up to 50%!

Pay for purchases with points and save up to 50%!


Now you have a great opportunity to save up to 50% on your purchase, paying for it with points.

Also we present 50 points for registration and 25 points for your review on our website!

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Pay attention!

*All products, excluding spare parts and discounted products, can be paid with points.

**The percentage of the value that can be paid by points depends on the product and is determined by the store. Maximum can be paid with points up to 50% of the cost of goods.

***Points for your review will be awarded, after the review is approved by the moderator.

Introduce Armytek to your Friends!

Introduce Armytek to your Friends! 

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And get а 7% discount for an order!

This discount can be applied together with CPF and BLF promo codes discounts

We want to meet new interesting people and make our quality and professional products available for all. Help us to get acquainted with your friends and we will be very grateful to you! Leave a link to Armytek site at your favorite social network page and we will give you a 7% discount for an order.

You can link to Armytek Home Page or to any of our products. To obtain the discount please send us a link to your web page, where you've left the link to Armytek*. We’ll check it and add  you to a special user group. This discount can be used for 1 order whenever you want and can be applied together with CPF or BLF promo codes.

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Happy Birthday with Armytek!

Happy Birthday with Armytek!


Do you have a birthday?

We have prepared really pleasant surprises for you!

You can make an order on the birthday or a week before, or a week after your birthday and get any Armytek product for free!

1. Buy a flashlight in the period of 7 days before and 7 days after your birthday.

2. Choose any product with a price is equal to 30% of the amount from your order and add it to the comment for your order. We send it for free!

You must provide a scan or photo of the document with your date of birth without any personal dataAnd send it to this adress:



* Discounts for this promotion are not combined with other discounts and promo codes.
**Add, please, the comment about the birthday to your order. Our manager will contact you to clarify the information.
* Current promotions are not available for pre-orders.

Are you ready for summer season? We offer 17% off on EDC flashlights!

Get powerful and durable EDC Armytek Prime, which will make your summer travel more comfortable!

-17% OFF on Armytek Prime line
-15% OFF on Armytek Prime Magnet USB (USB charger and battery included)


• Compact size and light weight are ideal for constantly wearing a flashlight in a bag, pocket or belt.

• The magnet in the tailcap in the Pro version flashlights allows you to fix the flashlight on any metal surfaces - for example under the hood of the car.

• Armytek Prime - excellent bicycle lantern with comfortable wide light and side button for comfortable switching of modes with one hand.

• Magnetic charging and 18650 Li-Ion battery included - Prime Magnet USB flashlight line.

• Incredible brightness. The luminous flux reaches 2100 LED lumens, and the range of the beam is 192 meters.

• The flashlight is completely protected from rain, dirt and dust. Water does not get inside even when immersed to a depth of 10 meters.

• Proven strength. Armytek Prime is not afraid of falls from 10 meters.

• A color warning indication informs you of the battery charge level and temperature.


Promotion lasts till May,27

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* Other promo codes and discounts cannot be applied to the products under the current promotion.

10% discount for your friend – 20% discount for You!

10% discount for your friend – 20% discount for You!




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Do you want to please your friend?

  • Ask a friend to tell your name and surname, when placing an order, and he will get 10% discount.  
  • We will notify you that you receive 20% discount for the next order.

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* Discounts for this promotion are not combined with other discounts and promo codes.

* Current promotions are not available for pre-orders.